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Advertising on Spotify!

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

We will be talking how Spotify advertisements work, who it is for & whether you should be using it.

Audio advertising, is it important?

Advertisements are very important for every brand to withstand against their competitors. Audio ads have recently hiked because of the users changing their interest from visual to audio. Spotify ads gives you chance to advertise your brand through audio. Spotify has a huge number of reach around the world. Right now Spotify has around 248 million monthly active users and 113 million subscribers. According to Spotify’s research, people see 4,000-10,000 ads a day. So, by looking at the reach of audio advertisement, Spotify gives you a great opportunity to reach your target audience 1 to 1.

Reaching your target audience with Spotify Ads?

Spotify offers you various options to choose your target audience. You can choose your target

audience by age, gender, location and platform. And also there is an additional targeting option which includes genre, interest or real-time context targeting. So before you choose your target audience, don’t forget to list down on which demographics your target audience lies in.

Who is it best for?

There are no such specifications in advertising on Spotify. As stated before, there are huge number of users for Spotify, thus any kind of brand can advertise on Spotify.

Why choose Spotify Ads?

Spotify is an audio advertisement form, which means it will reach your target audience regardless of where they are i.e. whether they are driving, walking, traveling etc.

Because music is something people prefer anywhere over anything. Spotify gives you a great and a cheap (depends on your ad) option to reach to a huge number of market through some simple steps.

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