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Are business cards still relevant?

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

We will talking about the importance & use of business cards, visiting cards, pocket portfolio & if it is necessary to have them in this digital age.

So why are Business Cards considered important?

The first reason as to why they are still considered so what important is because they show professionalism, create trust & prove that the business actually exist. Although some might argue that LinkedIn or Instagram accounts can be created for this network marketing reasons, but keep in mind business are not free.

It takes time, effort & creativity to create them. It is not free like social media accounts or quickly creativity an email address on Google. Business cards simply prove that you have invested into your Brand to get it to where it is now. This shows to the person that your business is ready to 'rock n roll'.

What are visiting cards or why do i need them?

Just to clear the air, Visiting cards is another word for Leaflets & flyers. Even though visiting cards have gone out of fashion, they can still be very important is presented the right way.

Let's give you a scenario, you've gone on holiday & are currently staying at a hotel. To check the best locations in that city, will you search that on Google or would you rather go to the reception & pick up one of the destination flyers? Now that we understand that they are no longer the best option anymore, they could possibly be the second best option. e.g for branding & marketing purposes.

Does a business card represent your portfolio?

That is 100% correct, business cards can show off your business aesthetics & branding. Business cards represent your business's work, showing your creativity, work ethic & beliefs on a piece of paper. For example if the business card is made out of 100% Recycled Cotton, it can immediately show that you care about the planet, which creates an image into the persons mind, alternatively affecting your Brands image in a good & healthy way.

Digital age & business cards?

So are business cards over? no not at all! They are a great piece of rectangle paper that can represent & grow your business in many ways. All good business's must have them!

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