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Blue Tick on Instagram? How to get Verified on Instagram?

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Blue Tick on Instagram? How to get Verified on Instagram? nerds agency

A verified account is considered as a symbol or originality of your brand, position, fan following and reach to the audience. It symbolises as a real account of that respective brand or person.

Not every account that is requested for verification, gets verified or gets the famous blue tick by Instagram. In order get it verified there are various criteria’s where your account should be eligible for. As Instagram explains,

Authentic - your account should as real as your identity is i.e. registered business or brand.

Unique - only one account or brand will be verified (exception - language specific account). Also accounts such as meme, fan pages won’t be verified at any circumstances.

Public - no private account gets verification, only public accounts gets qualified for verification.

Complete - a complete bio, profile photo and at least one post is compulsory.

Notable - your account should have high reach to the audience through searches, etc.

How to apply for the Instagram verification? It's not as complicated as it sounds. It’s a simple 3 step process.

Step 1 - Log In

1 - Log into the account which you want get verified.

Step 2 - Request Verification

1 - Tap to menu on top right corner.

2 - Click on settings

3 - Tap on ‘account’

4 - Tap ‘request verification’

Step 3 - Confirm Your Identity

1 - In this step you have to give your full legal name (name on govt. papers), what you are known as amongst your followers and audience, and finally choose the category your Instagram account lies in.

2 - Upload a government issued ID.

3 - Tap send.

All these steps are quite simple, but the difficult part is waiting for your account to get verified soon. It’s not necessary that your account will get verified on first attempt, it might take various attempts to get that blue tick right beside the username. However never loose hope keep trying to get your account verified.

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