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Business checklist for Christmas & Boxing Day 2022

Christmas is on the way & so is Boxing Day. Everyone waits for this season to arrive so they can use their savings on purchasing items for themselves & for their loved ones.

We have created a checklist of the most important things any business should do during this time of the year. Following through with this checklist will help your brand expand & boost your sales. The list also includes a lot examples & ideas to make things easier for you.

1. Decorate your business for Christmas/Boxing Day

Whether you are a retail store, beauty salon, restaurant or an e-commerce business, it is important to decorate your business environment with a Christmas theme during this time of the year.

Decorating your retail store or your e-commerce website is not an easy job. You have to make sure you do it correctly, as doing it incorrectly will only harm your brand image. Make sure to be consistent & true with your brand personality & your brand identity. Your customers should be able to tell you have spent time & effort on building the Christmas theme around your business.

Decorating your business for Christmas will give your customers a sensation of freshness which is always good for any brand. Having a Christmas theme around this time of the year will also keep your customers engaged.

Here are some ideas for building a Christmas theme:

1. Add a Christmas tree.

This is the most important thing to add to your brand when building your Christmas theme. There is no Christmas without a Christmas tree. You can add your brand personality to the Christmas tree by adding custom branded baubles & other types of small ornaments.

2. Add Christmas decorations

Adding Christmas decorations to your environment makes a huge difference. You can use candies, ginger breads or props to build your own unique Christmas theme.

3. Add Christmas photo's & videos

Adding fresh content (photo's & videos) to your website during Christmas is crucial. This will help your brand stand out & give you a chance to show brand creativity, culture & personality. You can showcase new products or discounted products, anything that will help you make sales.

2. Create Christmas/Boxing Day content for social media

Whether you are a retail store, beauty salon, restaurant or an e-commerce business, it is important to put extra effort into your social media accounts during this time of the year.

Social media is one of your best bets. During Christmas season everyone is on the hunt to find something new & there is no better place than social media for grabbing your customers attention..

Using social media during Christmas will help your business stand out & give you a chance to make more sales, gain followers & increase engagement. Having a good social media strategy & plan is the key here.

Here are some social media content ideas for Christmas:

1. Christmas gifts ideas

Give your social media followers suggestions for gifts & presents. Showcase your business's best selling products or products which are on sale. Fresh product content is always a good way to increase your engagement & views.

2. Christmas new in collection

Showcase your "New In" products or services during Christmas time. People are always looking to purchase something fresh & new during Christmas season.

3. Christmas countdown

Keep reminding your followers about Christmas so that they can order everything in time. You can also let your customers know about shipping & delivery times, so that they can be sure to purchase late if they wish to do so.

3. Christmas/Boxing Day discounts & offers:

Whether you are a retail store, beauty salon, restaurant or an e-commerce business, it is important to put on some discounts & sales during this time of the year.

Christmas is the season of giving & building long-lasting relationships with your customers. There is nothing better than offering sales or special discounts to your customers during Christmas. Putting on a sale will give your business the chance to gain new customers & help you build new business relationships.

Here are some ideas for Christmas discounts & offers:

1. Offer Christmas/Boxing Day freebies

Offer your customers freebies when they shop during Christmas/Boxing Day. This builds an excitement in your customers heart & makes them purchase just so they can get something for completely free.

2. Offer 10% to 50% off during Christmas/Boxing Day

Offering percentage discounts is always a good idea when you want to boost your sales. You can offer specific discounts for specific products or give out vouchers & discount codes.

3. Special Christmas/Boxing Day discounts for special customers

Make your special returning customers feel special by giving only them specific discounts. This is a way of you showing love & appreciation towards your loyal customers & they love it.

If you would like to learn more about how you can take advantage of Christmas & Boxing Day then Contact us, it would be great to work together!

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