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Why E-commerce is set to be huge?

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

E-commerce is just starting out, it is going to be huge and will soon be changing our day to day life. We will be talking about what E-commerce is, it's history, future & how it will be changing our lives.

What is E-commerce?

E-commerce also known as 'Electronic Commerce' is any platform which enables electronic transactions to occur. A famous example of this would be your favourite online clothing store. E-commerce is still young but it is growing very fast. It is better to catch this train, if you miss it, there might not be another train like this one coming soon.

When did E-commerce start?

Electronic commerce transactions have been going on for a while now, the first ever transaction was made in the 1970s. Times have changed, so have the transactions. Stats suggest that a total of $4.7 Billion was spent in 2015, keep in mind this was 3 year ago.

What is set to happen in the near future?

We believe E-commerce is going to be taking over the world very soon. Things such as your weekly trip to the grocery store or going to your favourite clothing shop will be a thing of the past. Because of E-commerce big Brands such as Toys R Us, John Lewis & Marks & Spencers have taken a big hit. A lot of Brands often underestimate the power of the internet & quite frankly take a big hit.

Make sure you do not take a hit & join the internet. As the famous quote goes "If you cannot beat them, join them".

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