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How to get your brand at the Oscars?

How to get your brand at the Oscars?

At shows like the Oscars or the Grammy's all guests tend to get free gift bags which include small unique products worth thousands of pounds. It can be all types of products like premium pet food, an Audi car for a year, a trip to a remote Swedish island & a lot more. However it is not always the big brands which get this opportunity, a lot of the times upcoming brands get the chance to be in the gift bags also.

In this blog we will discuss how you can get your products in the hands of A-list actors & celebrities through ceremonies like the Oscars & Grammy's.

How & why brands are chosen for celebrity Oscar gift bags.

The brands & products are selected by Oscar selected agencies. These agencies research & try to find unique & different brands with an angle. The selected brands are then contacted by the agency to discuss further about their collaboration.

The agencies look for brands which are niche & offer something completely different. Their main purpose is to make sure celebrities get to experience something new & exciting at the Oscars.

How to get your brand at the Oscars?

Another way to get your brand or products to the Oscars is by contacting the selected agencies. If you go down this route you have to make sure you have great samples, presentations & feedback.

You have to make sure beforehand that your brand is exciting, unique & desirable. You also have to be ready to pay a sum of money for the exposure you are looking to get.

The price tag you have to pay.

Nothing is free, especially the Oscars. In order to get your products to be in the celebrity gift bags, it can cost anywhere from £500 all the way to £50,000. However some brands get this opportunity for free. If the agency you have contacted feel that your brand is completely unique & needs to get in the hands of the celebrities, in some cases they will do this for absolutely free.

Whether you have to pay for this service or not you have to count in the cost of samples. Usually at ceremonies like the Oscars, there are a total of 130 gift bags, that means you have to be willing to giveaway 130 of your products for free. This can end up costing a lot of money for new brands, however as mentioned before nothing is free.

How to get your brand at the Oscars?

In conclusion, this opportunity is not for everyone. As mentioned, getting your brand or products at the Oscars certainly has it's cost. However if the opportunity arrives & you feel it is the exact thing your brand was waiting for, then go ahead with it. If not then get a cup of tea ready & enjoy the Oscars while you relax at home.

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