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How to launch products & succeed!

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

How to launch products & succeed! nerds agency

Olipop which is a healthy soda brand, launched a new flavour & made sales of over £30,000 within the first 15 minutes of going live on their website.

How were they able to achieve these results?

In order to create a successful product launch you need product feedback, creative & unique content, customer interest & the right social media channels. Now we will go over this topic & discuss what helps brands create successful product launches.

How to launch products & succeed! nerds agency

What is a product launch?

A product launch is a well thought through marketing effort for the purpose of launching a new product.

Successful product launches get existing & new customers to purchase the product. A lot of other techniques are also used such as creating product urgency. Anytime a brand launches a new product, it gives them the opportunity to increase their brand footprint & helps them build a bigger customer base.

How to build hype & launch a product?

1. Set a launch date.

The first step to any successful launch, is selecting a launch date. This date is what all of your content is going to be focused towards. The main purpose of all your marketing efforts is to make people aware of that specific launch date.

Launch dates also help you time your efforts & actions better. It gives you a deadline for your new project. Without a launch date, you risk losing product hype, campaign focus & the product customers.

2. Choosing channels & platforms.

The second step is very crucial. Choosing the right social media channels & marketing platforms is the key to building up hype around the product. We recommend focusing on the ones you know the most about or if your brand is already running, go with the channels & platforms which are working out for you currently. Although we must say, there is no harm in testing new channels & platforms.

Here are some examples for channels & platforms which are commonly used:

  • SMS

  • Email Marketing

  • Social Media

  • Events

  • Influencers

3. Product content & message.

This step often takes the most time. You need to start your photoshoots, launch website pages, create social media content & a lot more depending on the channels & platforms you choose for your product launch.

If this step is incorrect or not well thought through, your product launch might be unsuccessful. We recommend spending at least 70% of your time on this step, as it is very important if you want a successful product launch.

Launching products is not an easy thing. It is considered art to have multiple successful product launches, especially if you are a new business. However you should try your best to make sure your product launch is successful. We recommend following through with these 3 steps, so that your brand can get the attention it deserves.

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