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Principles of a quality website design

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Creating a quality web design can be a complicated and sometimes a infuriating process, hence it is essential to incorporate the elements below to ease out the process.  

1. Solid Navigation

The website design should be easy to navigate at first point of access. The audience should not encounter difficulties to find information; navigation bar should be present clearly and is easily directed to the information. This will increase the audiences’ engagement with your page. 

The navigation bar should be straight-forward and self-explanatory. Bold and broad headings should ideally be included that comprise various sub-topics.

2. Accessible via different devices

It is also essential to integrate a responsive design in order to ensure that your audience has a pleasant experience on the website, irrespective of the device they use. The website needs to be compatible with various devices. The dynamic changes to the appearance of the website is what makes up the responsiveness; the automatic scaling of the content and elements that matches the screen size on which it is viewed creates the optimal viewing experience for the audience. Doing so will keep leads engaged on the site longer.

3. Consistency

Behind any successful website design, is an intention of consistency throughout the design. This means having specific colours, font type, font size, spacing, format and more. This allows to keep a consistent brand image and recognition on the site for your business.

When making the visuals, avoid using too many colours. It should be kept to two or three which connects to the site’s theme and your logo. Optimize the content in short paragraphs and bullet points so it is easier for the viewers to read.

4. Load time

The website should take on average two seconds to load. Any longer than that will annoy your visitors and you will  potentially lose them. By optimising images sizes will help the website to load faster. Visitors do not really have patience and want their browsing time unhindered to effortlessly receive the information they were searching for

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