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What's new for social media in 2020?

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

What is 2020 bringing in for social media? We will be talking about ChatBots, Likes, Interactive Social Ads, Social AI & Security.

Social Media platforms for 2020. iPhone with social media platforms.

Social Platforms are getting a lot stricter!

All social media platforms are getting stricter. Back in 2016 everything used to be soo easy! Well now they are making sure that nothing slips away. Most of it is being done for good reasons, but you still do get some accounts being banned or deleted for no reasons at all.

The platforms are making sure no social accounts use any Automated Bots to gain Fake likes & follows, this is done so that everything is as transparent as water.

They are also focusing on IP Address & security, well this is a good thing for us. Every time you log in or log out the algorithm checks your IP Address and a few other things just to confirm that the account is not being hacked or used by someone who doesn't have permission. We believe this is something all social platforms will be focusing a lot more on in the coming year.

Facebook & Instagram Likes are going away

Already being tested by Facebook & Instagram. Australia has been the first location for this change, what's the reason? They say it is for phycological & health reasons only, a lot of people in today's world get carried away by the amount of likes they get. This is good for some & bad for the others.

Social Media has always been a place to show love, relationships & creativity. The platforms have noticed that the creativity aspect has declined immensely due to people being shy to post, because they might get little to no likes.

The Likes are 100% going away in 2020, so buckle up your seatbelts & enjoy the new era of Social Media.

Facebook, Twitter & Instagram ChatBots

Statistics say 88% of people have already spoken to a ChatBot without realising that they were speaking to a robot. This is something all Social Platforms are working on. The chatBots will be used to interact with your audience only if you allow it too.

It will always be used for Direct Replies on Instagram & Messenger for Facebook. This will soon be used by social platforms such as Twitter & LinkedIn, but Facebook & Instagram will always be the first ones to try this.

This isn't too bad, considering you will have full control over the ChatBots, but need less to say, you might speak to someone without realising you aren't even speaking to them.

Social Media Interactive Ads are being tested

Interactive selling has been used by the Eyewear industry for a long time now, an example would be when you search for glasses on you might stumble upon a Virtual Mirror which allows you to see in real time what the glasses may look like on you.

This technology will soon be hitting the Social Platforms too. You might be able to see how the new dress from @boohoo will look like on you, using a Virtual Mirror which will be integrated in the platform's software.

Social Media AI should be helpful

Artificial Intelligence has already been used by Facebook under the name Kit. It is more like a Virtual Assistant and not something like the Terminator. Keeping in mind the AI only works with numbers & patterns, so it can only help you with something which has already been done by you.

AI will be helping us create & manage Ads on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. It should help you manage time as it will be much more time efficient but the same human creativity ability might not be there.

2020 should be a good year for us Social nerds!

Technology is something we have all accepted in our communities & culture. We should all look towards the future as technology often changes very quick. Until then we have to wait & see how all these new 2020 Social Media features will impact our lives.


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