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The difference between marketing & advertising

Is marketing different to advertising?

Many people do not know the difference between marketing & advertising. Many of us make the mistake of using the word marketing & advertising in the same sentence. The biggest difference between the two is that advertising is a part of your marketing process. Each one requires it's own strategy, research & experts.

In this blog we will be digging deeper into this topic to see how knowing the differences between the two can help businesses make better decisions.

What is marketing?

Marketing is the list of things a business does which helps it to obtain & retain customers. Marketing can include things like Market Research, Public Relations, Social Media, Advertising, Pop Up Stores & much more. The purpose of Marketing is not always to gain customers or to make more profit, sometimes good marketing can mean having the perfect public image or having long business relationships with customers.

The different types of marketing?

There are two different types of marketing, one being outbound & the other being inbound. Outbound marketing is when a business pushes out a message to it's customers or future customers. Inbound marketing is when a business uses organic ways to draw customers.

Both types of marketing can be used together to achieve an overall strategic goal.

What is advertising?

Advertising is one part of an overall marketing strategy. Advertising involves paid promotions in order to obtain specific business results. The whole purpose of adverts is to make the business more profit, whereas marketing as a whole can be used to obtain different types of results for the business.

The different types of advertising?

Advertising has many forms. The best way to break down the different types of advertising is to figure out whether it is physical/traditional advertising or digital advertising.

Physical/traditional advertising can be anything like billboards, magazines, newspaper, posters, leaflets, banners & more. Whereas digital advertising means any ads found on the internet. Digital advertising includes facebook ads, google ads, apps, website pop ups & more.

Both physical/traditional & digital advertising can be used together to achieve an overall strategic goal.

The conclusion?

Both marketing & advertising go hand in hand when it comes to growing any business. All businesses need marketing & advertising to grow & too succeed. The two types of marketing, outbound & inbound need to tested & also the two types of advertising, physical/traditional & digital advertising need to be tested.

Once you have tested all of these, you should have a very clear results as to which one is the best for your business.

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