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What is Influencer Marketing? is it worth a penny?

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

We will be talking about what Influencer Marketing is? Whether it is worth looking into? Does it even work? How much does it cost? What do we think about it?

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is now a new thing. It has been running for generations e.g. Football players wearing trainers or simply Gladiators wearing a specific armour with a good history.

It is simply a way of using celebrities or people with an audience to promote your stuff! Keep in mind this opportunity was only available to Celebrities just a few years ago, but luckily now because of the Internet & Social Media normal people like us have a chance to become an Influencer.

Why should I look into it?

Influencer Marketing is set to be huge! This new industry is set to be worth $10,000,000,000! That is a whopping 10 Billion Dollars! The reason behind this? It works if done correctly.

Want more reasons for looking into it? It is cheap, it builds connections, it builds social proof & it is a great way to get quick feedback!

How much should I spend?

There is no easy answer for this one! If you have a huge marketing budget & want to spread it across different marketing techniques to figure out what works, then it is worth it. We recommend spending at least 20% of your budget on Influencer Marketing In 2020 only if your budget is above £15,000.

How much does an Influencer cost?

It is just like any other industry, the bigger the affect the more it will cost. If a Tour Influencer has an audience of 1 Million, then they can charge anywhere from £200-£500 per post. Keep in mind this varies from niche to niche.

Do we suggest it?

Yes, we do but be really careful of your selection as there are many cons in this industry. We have experienced many bad Influencers but we have also seen some amazing results! So yes, go ahead with it but with a sharp eye!

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