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What is social media commerce? Tips, tools & trends for 2022

What is social media commerce? Tips, tools & trends for 2022 | nerds agency

If you are looking to increase your reach or increase your website traffic, the answer is social media. Data shows more than half of the world now uses social media with the majority logging into social media at least once a day.

These numbers make it obvious that social media can play a big part in any brand. However making your social media followers into buyers still has it's challenges.

In this blog we will go over what social media commerce is & some tips, tools & trends that can help you.

What is social media commerce?

Social media commerce is the connection between E-commerce & social media. In basic terms social media commerce is when brands decide to sell their E-commerce products on their social media channels.

In the past few years social media channels have made it easier for brands to sell their products on social media with tools like shoppable & product links.

The idea of social media commerce is still new & evolving but it is certain that it works. Stats suggest it very profitable for a lot of brands. In 2020 social media commerce generated over £300 billion in revenue & it is expected to grow by 28% by 2028.

What is social media commerce? Tips, tools & trends for 2022 | nerds agency

What are the benefits of social media commerce?

1. Less friction during check out.

Social media commerce makes it faster for customers to make the purchase. Usually customers have to leave their social channels & visit an external website to make the purchase, this takes long & can make the customers change their mind. Social media commerce makes it easier & faster for the customer to make the purchase whilst using social media.

2. Reach, engagements & purchases together.

Social media commerce makes it possible for you to publish content with product links. This benefits the business in two ways, firstly you get the chance to show your community your product & secondly people can make purchases from the same social media post.

Your product awareness, consideration & conversion happen all at the same place. Social media commerce is basically all in one.

3. Helps build brand & product social proof.

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon, which suggests that people tend to become more confident in a brand or product when they see other people using it, buying it & loving it.

In E-commerce social proof can be in the form of customer reviews, product feedback, case studies, videos or photo's of product being used by people or a famous influencer. A good example of this would be you checking the reviews of a film before you watch it, this is called social proof.

What is social media commerce? Tips, tools & trends for 2022 | nerds agency

What are the best social media platforms for social media commerce?

With almost all popular social media platforms offering social media commerce tools, there are a few which are loved the most.

Here are the most loved social media commerce platforms:

How to sell effectively with social media commerce?

1. Choosing the right social media platforms.

It can be a little tricky finding the perfect social media platform for your brand. One thing you have to keep in mind is your demographics, this is crucial as each social media platform has it's own audience & users.

For example Linkedin is filled with professionals, where as TikTok is filled with teens waiting to get entertained.

2. Using livestream features offered by social media platforms.

Livestream can be great way to build social proof, showcase your products or answer customer questions in real time. Live-streaming brings life to your brand, it allows people to see the products in actions & convert using commerce tools within the social media platforms.

TikTok is focusing a lot on live-streaming now, especially for businesses. They now reward businesses with gifts & surprises for using their livestream commerce features. This is really cool, as they are the first ever social media platform to motivate businesses to sell more, whilst giving them a chance to win something.

3. Partnering up with influencers.

Influencer marketing has been a big part of social media since 2016. Influencers are a very popular way to increase your sales & brand trust. Now with social media commerce, influencer marketing is a must, it allows new customers to view the product & make the purchase directly from the influencers social media channel.

What is social media commerce? Tips, tools & trends for 2022 | nerds agency

Social media commerce is the future.

Social media trends come & go, but social commerce isn't going away anytime soon. As social media platforms evolve & grow, they will bring better ways & alternatives for social shopping.

We believe all businesses must try out social commerce & experiment with any new types of tools introduced by social media platforms, if they want to evolve & grow.

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