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What should your brand sound like on social media?

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Social media is a fast moving idea where everything has a time limit. And then, there comes your brand’s tone of voice which defines your brand in whole.


When someone says the word social media, what are the top four social media channels that come to your mind? We are sure they are all listed below-

1. Facebook - The king of all apps when it comes to marketing a brand.

2. Twitter - One of the fastest evolving apps, this platform is known for giving space to unfiltered thoughts of all kinds’ audience. Therefore making it a great platform to receive feedbacks about your brand.

3. LinkedIn - A network to connect businesses to their potential employees, this platform is used to give company updates, and also a source for hiring staff.

4. Instagram - A glorified platform, where you can use images and videos to represent your brand name & with it's 24hr creative story feature, you can frequently give a sneak peek about your brand.


As mentioned above, your brand’s tone of voice says a lot about your brand, but on what basis should you develop a tone of voice? With the help of three C’s of brand voice, you can initiate the development of your tone of voice.

1. Culture - What does your brand stand for? In which culture will you categorise your brand? And find that one thing that makes your brand stand out from other brands.

2. Community - Listening reveals a lot about the community. Which will help you to understand how to communicate with them.

3. Conversation - Personality and authenticity is the pitch to start the conversation. What do you think you can offer? And when that is clear, you’ll start having a better picture of what your conversation should sound like.

Benefits of tone of voice:

Developing a Brand's tone of voice has many benefits.

1. Expandable - Having a defined tone of voice for the brand, will help you expand at a higher rate with a confident mind-set.

2. Responsive - Having a tone of voice will help you to create your brand’s posts and responses easier and creative.

3. Recognised - Social media as an extension of your brand, helps you to connect to your potential customers.

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