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Are TV Commercial worth it, In the digital age?

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Every single thing is shifting from TV to social media. Be it your nail paint shopping from OPI or choosing your favourite furniture from IKEA. Now the question arises if it’s still beneficial to commercialise your product on the TV in the era of social media advertising?

The answer is quite diplomatic. However the truth is social media advertising is much more beneficial than TV commercials. One of the main reasons of social media advertising taking over TV commercials is the expense & analytics. Suppose a brand wants to advertise it's product on television then they have to pay 5$ per 1000 views (depends on the ad as well) for a 30 second ad, whereas if that same brand wants to advertise on Instagram, then they have to pay minimum 1$ for impressions.

And second most important reason on increase of social media marketing is the users. According to a global research, in 2010-2018 there were around 1.67billion pay TV households, and in 2018 estimated worldwide social media users were 2.65 billion. So it is clearly visible why brands are bending towards social media advertising and TV commercials are getting outdated.

And third important reason is reach. According to a research, in 2020 internet advertising is expected to reach up to 93 billion dollars and television reach is estimated as 81 billion dollars. Thus the statistics clearly shows the prediction of social media taking over TV commercials in future as well.

Therefore, TV commercials are worth it but to some extent. For example if your brand demands visual advertisement then TV commercials will be your one of the choice, but other than that social media advertising is always a good idea to start with.

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