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Facebook vs Instagram, which one is better for your business?

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

We will be discussing whether Facebook or Instagram is better for your business. We will be looking into the social platforms audience, age & engagement processes to figure out if your business needs to focus more on Instagram or Facebook.

Facebook & Instagram overview

Facebook and Instagram have been an important tool/app when it comes to business growth.

If you are planning to grow your business through Facebook or Instagram, then you have to be well versed with your target audience. This is because if you check the demographics of Facebook & Instagram, they are fairly different.

Who uses Facebook?

Facebook is used mostly by the middle age group (i.e. 30-49), making it a great option for reaching out to your potential customers. 72% of this age group are active users of Facebook. Although Facebook seems great for many businesses, it can be a bit slow reaching out to its audience if compared with Instagram.

Who uses Instagram?

If we look at the demographic structure on the basis of age, then the age group of 13-29 are very likely to use Instagram. To be specific, around 72% of 13-17 age group and 64% of 18-29 age groups use Instagram. Making it a huge opportunity for businesses that target this age group. Instagram works just like Facebook, but its speed of reaching out to the audience is comparatively faster.

So which one is it? Facebook or Instagram?

It totally depends business to business, if your business offers services such as massages or healthy products then Facebook would be a better option. If however your business is all about fashion, music or entertainment then Instagram would be a better option to use. Although both platforms have their pros & cons, we would highly recommend using both for best results.

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